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The pdfs listed on this page provide side-by-side, BEFORE (first drafts) and AFTER (final) comparisons of successful college application essays.

One-on-one FaceTime conferences between each student and Ms.Singer augment the highly-personalized composing process. Then, as each student author continues to tweak and perfect his or her work, multiple revisions and drafts go back and forth via e-mail, Word, and Google docs until every student completes (and loves) his or her final version. 

Joyce Singer

Personal Statements

After two weeks ... read

Unfinished masterpiece ... read

A puzzle ... read

What is important to me ... read

Joyce Singer

Supplemental Essays

A good match ... read

Thinking process ... read

Joyce Singer

The WriteRight! Process from Start to Finish

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Pre-writing discussion ... read

Life can change in an instant ... read